Hello, I’m Deb.


It all started with…

With a background rich in positioning, strategic communications and consumer insights with an eye for market potential, I find that positive business results emerge from an engaged, inspired and prepared team. Experiences in rapid-growth companies like ad agencies and Nike provided a unique perspective to help clients create positioning and high-performing team environments.

I’ve found that communications issues usually account for 86.4% of all conflict.  There is HELP once you understand your own lens and preferences + learn how to respect those different than you.

I spend considerable time and energy on behalf of non profits and young people. My superpower is helping people find ‘next’ through self-discovery and action.

When not playing in the mountains or rivers,  I enjoy exercise, wellness, sports, my dog, travel, movies, books, friends, family and pondering life beyond GoT and the ever-emerging Marvel Universe.

And.. I’m a Jedi.