Consultant for Individual, Team and Leadership Effectiveness

Through inspired facilitation, strategic planning and workshops:

Teams find positive trajectory, actionable agreements and common ground with key stakeholders.  

Leaders find a purpose-filled and authentic way to lead while bringing out the best in their team.

Individuals find their way to their best 'next.' 


I see VENN diagrams. Everywhere. In most situations, there is a happy place somewhere in the middle where we can all play well together. ~Deb


My Practice

With a background in creative, entrepreneurial and successful growth companies, people say that my workshops and coaching are relevant, energetic, actionable and customized to their unique situations. Understanding a client’s end-goal along with their circumstances, business conditions and objectives helps me ensure an effective and efficient result. Passionate about young adults, I’ve helped many get off of their parent’s couch and into a career.


Career Story

Through 1:1 coaching and a good dose of reflective work, I help individuals find their unique story to connect them to the right career choices. Those in transition can identify a way to progress successfully and authentically to ‘next.’