Connecting Individual, Team and Leadership Effectiveness.

Teams find positive trajectory, actionable agreements and common ground with key stakeholders.  

Leaders find a purpose-filled and authentic way to lead while bringing out the best in their team.

Individuals find their way to their best 'next.' 



Insights is an exceptional program that helps many individuals, leaders and teams navigate the workplace through self-awareness, appreciation of diversity of approach and an exploration of communication styles, presence and managing through change and stress. No day is ever a normal day at the office once you learn how to optimize your potential and your team's opportunities.


Strengths by GallUp

Explore your top 5 Strengths, creates appreciation for diversity of the team. *Possible to explore all 34 strengths.



A FourSight workshop helps teams build the mindset, tool sets and skill sets that support creative thinking, collaborative problem solving and cultures of innovation. This affordable workshop can be done in as little as 2 hours, making it the perfect launch into a key project or product development journey.



The i4Neuroleadership 360 can help leaders understand how best to keep their brains healthy, functioning well and prepared to tackle the stresses that come personally and professionally in a leadership role. This new 1:1 tool is essential to coaching a healthy and productive leader.


Career development

Through 1:1 coaching and a good dose of reflective work, I help individuals find their unique story to connect them to the right career choices. Those in transition can identify a way to progress successfully and authentically to ‘next.’


the pulse

Key issues and questions are explored confidentially. Actions are brainstormed and prioritized.

I see VENN diagrams. Everywhere. In most situations, there is a happy place somewhere in the middle where we can all play well together.
— Deb Weekley