Workshops + Services


Of the many wonderful tools that create awareness of presence, strengths, and communications preferences–my favorite is Insights Discovery.  It jumpstarts understanding about yourself, others and environments in a vibrant way that enables successful tactics, plans and relationships.  It’s fun and it ‘sticks.’ It delivers actionable results for individuals, teams and leaders.  Insights Deeper Discovery is a new program to the US that focuses on self knowledge, development and a plan.  It’s highly relevant for anyone in transition and for those seeking to develop a professional trajectory that optimizes their potential.  Currently, I’m offering monthly workshops for Insights Deeper Discovery.


Team+Leadership Effectiveness Workshops

My career has a very long and deep thread of team, brand and individual successes. This background helps me drive workshops that energize and focus teams. 

team Communications Strategy

Teams, like Brands, need smart communications strategies if they are to secure mind space, organizational support and goodwill to accomplish their goals. I help teams create a communication plan that identifies key messages, tonality and key engagement opportunities. 

Career & transition Development Coaching: Your Story

Helping people develop their career story to help attract the right job or choose the right path is one of the most rewarding services I offer.  Using a program to create self-awareness is important to beginning  this process. 

Meeting Facilitation (Strategically Creative)

Energy + Action Steps is the core of any agenda I drive.  Meeting time is precious and I plan accordingly.  Customization is a must. 

focus group facilitation + research

Orchestrating and honoring honest opinions is important for companies who have the guts to 'ask.'  I drive research that delivers truth to help leaders make informed decisions.