Meet Deb


Debra Weekley, Consultant
Because my career combines the creativity + art of growing up in the Advertising industry and experience + science of Management, Talent Development and Recruiting, I offer a very unique training perspective that is geared for growth, results, innovation and authenticity. And fun, because developing yourself and others should be enjoyable.

I focus on select projects and clients that build successful brands and  teams.  My creative roots shine with companies that create products, movements, campaigns, services, communities and inspired individuals. Key clients: Nike, R2C Group, KEEN Footwear, Coach Inc., Mackenzie+, Ralph Lauren, Stoller Vineyards and many incredible individuals.

With a background rich in positioning, strategic communications and consumer insights with a smart eye toward market potential, I find that positive business results emerge from an engaged, inspired and prepared team. Experiences in rapid growth companies like Nike and W+K gave me a unique perspective to help clients create positioning and team environments that perform.

CONNECTIVENERGY LLC, Owner, Strategist, Facilitator, Talent Development & Recruiting, Focus Group Facilitation/Consumer Insights
Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, Lead workshops for Individual, Team and Leadership Effectiveness, Communications Skills, Influencing Skills and New Manager Development
IlluminationNW Workshops, Co-Founder & Facilitator for Insights Deeper Discovery Workshops
Nike, Inc., Director of Talent Acquisition and Marketing/Retail Brand
Wieden + Kennedy, Saatchi Saatchi, Tyee Productions, Advertising Account Management

“In my experience, I’ve found that communications issues usually account for 86.4% of all conflict.  There is HELP once you understand your own lens and preferences + learn how to respect those different than you.”

Community I spend considerable time and energy on behalf of high school and college students. Currently the President for the University of Missouri Portland Alumni Chapter, Deb also serves on the National Governing Board for the MIZZOU Alumni  Association.  She served for 6 years on the Artist  Repertory Theatre Board of Directors.

Personal  When not playing in the mountains or rivers,  I enjoy exercise, wellness, sports, dogs, travel, movies, books, growing and cooking with my own vegetables and herbs. And, I’m a Jedi.


“I’m lucky to have worked during explosive growth periods for most of my career.  Given the constant re-structures experienced by my industries (I count 21 reorganizations-mergers-acquisitions-downsizes in my advertising, sports/fitness industries career), I’m in a unique position to share insights and ‘viable lessons learned.”

Licensed Practitioner  I employ only exceptional tools.

Insights Discovery is an intuitive and practical Jungian-based psychographical learning tool that will help jumpstart any team while impacting team and leadership performance.  Deeper-dive programming includes New Manager Training, On Boarding, and Influencing for the Account Manager and Communications Optimization.  Deeper Dive coaching helps individuals identify their path toward an optimal future/legacy goals and important self-exploration.  I have yet to find any other program that better addresses effective communications strategies for an individual or a team.  Pre-work includes an on-line 15-20 minute survey.

Gallup Strengthsfinder focuses on strengths psychology and becomes a very swift way for individuals and teams to develop common and respectful ground. 

i4 Neuroleader is a new and unique 360 assessment that takes into consideration a person's whole self:  includes valuable feedback from work colleagues, friends and family.  Accredited by the About My Brain Institute, this product enables someone to take full leadership of self by the evaluation using neuroscience. 

Based in Portland + Bend, Oregon (Available for travel)